These are unprecedented times for the food service industry. As we emerge from this crisis, food service operators are grappling with two significant pain-points: labor and operations.

Labor presents issues such as: i) increasing hourly rates and associated administrative overhead and ii) difficulty in finding, training, and supervising reliable, qualified workers. Meanwhile problems with operations include: i) inconsistent quality, ii) inability to scale rapidly, and iii) contamination, iv) waste, v) portion control, and vi) difficulties in maintaining social distancing.

This is where RoboChef comes in. RoboChef is a fully-integrated food service automation system that: i) minimizes food prep labor and ii) delivers a safe & consistent operation. RoboChef eases food service operators’ worries about labor and operations, allowing them to focus on what’s most important: safely serving delicious, quality food while keeping costs predictable. Our system will also allow them to scale their efforts by making the food preparation easily replicable, reliable, and sanitary.

RoboChef’s first product is Smart Cookie – a personalized warm-baked gourmet cookie making robot.

We are currently working with some of the most iconic retail brands to automate their food operations.

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